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Brand Development Strategy, explained.

If you and your company are researching brand development strategies or perhaps just looking for some branding tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Brand Builders, we pride ourselves on making sure our clients brands stand out well above their competition. How? Well, as I’m sure you might imagine there are a number of things involved in being able to turn a  brands direction around to embrace and accept a new vision that provides the highest quality product or service to their customers. Below are just a few of the things we consider when tailoring a brand development strategy for a specific client.

Creative Approach: 

Every great brand has a great image. Every great image is iconic of their brand. The question we ask our clients is: is your brands image up-to-times with current market trends? Depending on the size of your company you may very well be the ones who LEAD the trend in your market, or merely follow it. If the latter is the case, then it pays to pay particularly close attention to how the market leader in your vertical is influencing customers through their brands image.

Marketing Initiatives: 

Are the current marketing channels you’re investing in the right ones? Could you lead a better ROI elsewhere? Are you measuring the performance of current campaigns by vanity, or actionable metrics? Are the metrics you’re measuring ones that actually matter? Here at Brand Builders, we help our clients identify whether their Ad Spend could be better utilized elsewhere to drive a higher return on investment. While likes, shares, views, and clicks are great – what really matters is if such efforts are resulting in leads/sales. If they’re not, we help determine the best use of such channels to help brands understand what makes sense for purely brand growth efforts, and what makes same for business growth efforts. There is a difference after-all when it comes to generating awareness vs revenue. We help to optimize both.

Customer Service:

At the heart of every great brand is GREAT customer service. From the likes of Amazon to Apple, there are without a doubt however many large corporations and conglomerates that have TERRIBLE customer service *cough* Comcast, Blue Shield *cough* . It should go without saying that here at Brand Builders we want your company to epitomize more of the former than the latter. But, if you find yourself closer to the latter (and lets be honest) then how do you make the transition from ‘not that good’ to GREAT? Well, that’s what our brand development strategy is designed to do.

Cultural Alignment:

Perhaps you’ve noticed that things in the workplace are not as they once were. Many hyper growth companies experience severe culture shock once they’ve raised a significant amount of money and begin a hiring frenzy. What often happens during this period is that the early employees CREATE the culture that every-one-else will either adopt, or be outside of. The problem with new employees who feel they have not been accepted into the pre-established culture is that the workplace for them becomes just that. A work place. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exactly create, allow, or mold employees into the type of talent that can really live up to everything they’re capable of. Brand Builders assesses the culture of your company and will provide advise and guidance on how to bring your teams and departments closer together to increase performance, workplace happiness, and job sanctification (even for you).

Organizational Alignment:

Similar to cultural alignment, Organizational Alignment has to do with those in your company being aligned with one another. In this case however, it has more to do with the logistical side of the business as opposed to the emotional side. How different departments work together, and how to streamline the systems in place to optimize talent output as well as removing potential barriers created unnecessarily as a result of there being too many ‘cooks in the kitchen’. We’ve found less is often more.

We hope that the above explanations has shed some insight on how we approach tailoring our brand development strategy’s to the clients we’re working with. While some brand strategy consulting companies might have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we believe it is far more effective to spend the necessary time to asses the essentials to determine what is best based on the business in question, resources available, and current stage of the business. Should you have any questions, feel free and contact us!