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Our unique and intuitive approach finds followers most companies miss.
At BrandBuilders we custom tailor our methods for every-client. Our strategies are bespoke, tested, and proven to work to increase social awareness, exposure, and followings/fan-bases.  
Ready to Make Your Fan Base Explode?
Our Growth Specialists utilize the most popular social features (liking & following, etc.) across the most popular social networks to save you time and money on advertising while simultaneously growing your account in the most efficient and effective way possible.

On average our customers experience 500-1500 new followers each month. 
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Let's be honest, are you really a 'social media expert'? Even if you are, wouldn't you rather save & spend your time doing other things like
  • Relaxing over a nice glass of wine...
  • Spending more time with family and friends
  •  Taking care of your health & getting more exercise
  •  or even, traveling the world
100% Organic
Since our Growth Specialists take a ground-up approach by first identifying your ideal audience you can rest assured the Instagram followers who find you, are far from fake and won't spam you.
Real people, real interests
Because we introduce your brand to 15,000+ people per-month we know those who choose to follow you are people who truly care about your brand.
Your very own Growth Specialist
Don't worry, instead of paying an average of $50k/year for someone to manage/grow your accounts - our plans are extremely affordable! We also work to continuously optimize your accounts to ensure best possible results.
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Why waste your time trying to "become an expert" or sell yourself short on "discount websites" when we can help you:
  •  Grow your fan base/following.
  • Reach a whole new audience.
  •  Get the social awareness you deserve.
  •  Convert followers into customers.
How Does Our Instagram Growth Service Work?
Our Simple 3-Step Approach
We identify your target audience
Through extensive research (aided with the information you provide us) our team creates a custom target audience for your accounts based on who we believe you’re trying to reach. 

This ensures that the people you connect with will be most likely to engage with you, and stay loyal as you grow your brand name over the years.

Keep Posting Awesome Content
While we could charge thousands of dollars to research and post content for you, our goal is to provide an extremely affordable and valuable service.

So while we’ll never post content or actively converse with your followers/fans on your behalf we will provide you with training on how to maximize the effectiveness of your audiences reach. The more, and better your content is the more it will amplify our growth efforts.
Watch your brand grow.
After determining EXACTLY which type of audience will be interested in you and your brand,  we work to engage with them so they become aware of You. Just sit back and watch the magic happen.
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Unless you prefer going down the alternative path and would rather put yourself through:
  •  Trying to get more fans, followers, and social awareness.
  • Having to "become an expert" on every-platform to make it work
  •  Having to understand the "social landscape" to know what to do
  • Selling yourself short on sites like Groupon to get awareness.
Every 15-Seconds...
Someone becomes a victim of buying fake Instagram followers.

Don't You Want Real Followers on Instagram?

Time and time again customers come to BrandBuilders only after discovering that, all the Instagram followers they 'bought' are actually more harmful to their accounts than helpful. In-case you're not aware, having a large following doesn't mean very much if that following isn't interested in your brand, business, let alone content.

Unfortunately, when people decide they're going to go down the path of buying real Instagram followers it isn't until after the fact, that they realize these followers are not real at all. Additionally, now they have a massive number of followers who are nothing more than dead-weight skewing the engagement metrics of those who really care about their brands and businesses. This is precisely why we beg the question, don't you want real followers on Instagram? If so, read on...

The Harmful Effects of Buying 'Real Instagram Followers' (Myth Busted)

The reality of the matter is - if you want to have real followers on Instagram there's really only ONE WAY to do it - which is to take the BrandBuilders approach and work towards identifying the audience and communities that will most resonate with the content, business, and brand in question. This guarantees that the audience you're building, (even if you did decide to go and buy 'active' Instagram followers) is one that will truly be interested in the content you produce as well as what you're trying to achieve in your business, as well as the community you're aiming to build with this very audience.  

I know what you're thinking, "Well, if I just get more real followers on Instagram my problems with social awareness will be over!No; it won't.  Sorry to burst your bubble. 

In-case you still believe the above statement allow me to elaborate a little more on this subject. Take it from those who've evolved with the social and digital landscape and understand how daunting social media marketing may appear to those who are not familiar with the space. First of all, its' important to know that unlike other companies, here at BrandBuilders we strive to work with our customers and clients over the long-term.  

That means that unlike our competitors who will gladly take your money for short-term gain and tell you it's a "good idea" to just go and pay for Instagram followers, or direct you to some website to get an 'Instagram Followers Boost' (whatever that means) when in reality it's not going to create a net-positive outcome, we're simply not going to do it. We strive to create win-win situations and if we can't, then we simply are not interested in doing business with you (no offense).

Did You Make the Mistake to 'Buy Active Instagram Followers'?

...only to realize that they are anything but active, and are nothing more than dead-weight? If so, I'm sorry to say, but it gets worse. Because of how Instagram and Facebook work with their Advertsing Platform, when and if you decide to ever run an ad, you're not going to be able to take advantage of one of the most USEFUL sub-features that Facebook has; which are called "Look Alike Audiences" (LAA's) for short (now you can impress your friends with this new Advertising terminology).

Because of the choice you made to buy instagram followers in the first place, this tactic will no longer be easily accessible for you to use - which again, is rather unfortunate because it's VERY effective. I'll go ahead and explain in brief. 

Imagine if you had from the get-go started working with BrandBuilders to create and build an audience that truly cares about your brand, and resonates with your content. Let's say you accumulated 10,000 followers that were of this nature, of which a % were people who want to BUY THINGS from You - well, then you could go and create a LAA based off of that segment (a portion of the audience) to find MORE PEOPLE who want to buy things from you. 

Hopefully you're seeing the big picture here, and have realized...

You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Followers - it's a bad idea.

Listen, we understand your curiosity and your need to learn how to get followers for Instagram and are certainly aware of the potential this social network has; however - there are things you should do - and things you just shouldn't (both of which are outlined above). 

To learn more about how BrandBuilders can help you with driving true social brand awareness, exposure and engagement to draw in real active Instagram followers that are the result of discovering the audiences, and communities of People Who Are Out There WAITING to Learn About YOUR BRAND

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