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The Value of Brand Strategy Consulting

Brand strategy consulting is a niche of business development that can be incredibly helpful in driving up company revenues and building a brand name that is well-known and respected. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages from every angle these days – there are emails, apps, online ads, TV ads, billboards, and product placements competing for consumer attention.

Brand strategy consulting can help a business to come out on top in the race for customer attention. It can help with the idea of building up a stronger brand image, and getting people to recognize your logo and to associate your brand name with the right kind of products. While most people fail to realize that in today’s world consumers attention has to be treated as  resource we work with our clients to help them understand this fact and employ particular initiatives to better engage with their customers and following.

Every business can benefit from brand strategy consulting work – whether you’re looking to increase your profile with new customers, to build up a brand image targeting a specific market, or to just protect the brand that has already been built over the years. Brand strategy involves finding the right media to work with, and using that media to give your target audience an experience that they can identify with. It involves reaching people in a way that appeals to them, and it involves tracking the brand impression that people have of you, and using that to your advantage.

Take, for example, Dr Martens. These boots were originally intended to be a serious work boot – and that is certainly a part of the market that they serve – but they are also used as a youth culture product – Goths, Punks and New Age Travelers appreciate the brand. It is youthful, rebellious and quirky. There’s a subculture that has sprung up around that product, and now the brand makes an effort to cater to that subculture, because it’s one that is young, affluent, and willing to spend money on something that caters to it.

Rather than trying to distance itself from that brand image, the company embraced it – they know that it is a sound strategy to work with that demographic, and that they can make products for that and the more ‘serious’ side of the brand without concern because they are different enough that they won’t dilute each other. It’s this sort of thing that the brand strategists at Brand Builders can help with, because we know how important it is to help build up brand strategy, and where the risks are with brands watering their core market down.

While our purpose here at Brand Builders is to help you understand your business, customers, and growth potential more – we hope that you’ll give us as well as yourself the opportunity to work together to craft a brand strategy tailored especially for your company. Should you have any questions along the way, or as you explore different areas of our website be sure and reach out to us!