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How to know if you need to hire a Digital Advertising Agency.

Let’s face it. If you’re serious about your business and having it realize the true potential of the size and capacity it’s capable of growing to you DON’T have time to work ON your business AND in it. Here at Brand Builders, inc. we do our best to make a potential client aware of both outcomes of working with us, and the outcome they will likely face should they choose to do things in house. As both a brand development company and a digital advertising agency, we ensure that if a client is going to work with us, they’re GOING TO get results. And if they don’t, we’re not satisfied. At Brand Builders, your success IS our success and we receive no greater joy than by providing just that.

But HOW DO YOU know when your marketing could really be optimized?

Ask yourself some simple questions (see below):

  • Is what I’m spending on marketing generating me revenue?
  • Is what I’m spending on marketing generating me leads?
  • Is what I’m spending on marketing generating awareness?

If you answer NO to ANY of those, chances are those of us here at Brand Builders can help you take your company to the next level.  We both know that what separates a crappy product, from a crappy product is the BRANDING & MARKETING. See below for reference:




Exhibit A. 

‘Crappy Product’ with excellent Branding & Marketing.



Exhibit B.

A dozen products with ‘crappy marketing’ and mediocre brand representation.

The Apple Newton

Trump's USFL

The Ford Edsel

Sony MD Player

Microsoft Zune

Windows Vista

iSmell DigiScents

Sony eVilla

Thirsty Dog

Colgate Frozen Dinners

HP Touchpad


We know WHY You’re here.

You’re reading this sentence trying to figure out whether or not Brand Builders,  or any other digital advertising agency out there can help you achieve the business goals you have in mind. We’re glad you’re thinking that and grateful, you know your decision with Brand Builders has already been made because you’ve seen our case studies are incredible!


Since we treat every-clients business with the same priority & importance as we do our own we know that once we deliver and provide the results you desire, we will be able to celebrate a long-lasting business relationship for many years to come. We’re looking forward to it.