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Internet (online) Marketing IS Digital Marketing.

But, I’ll go ahead and write about the potential misinterpretations that have likely been created as a result of the unnecessary proliferation of corporate buzz words being coined so under-performing marketers (who feared their smoke and mirrors acts may soon be discovered) came up with to make others believe their jobs where as difficult as they claimed to be.  As to not reiterate, I feel the following distinctions quoted from Nikos Xydas provide a solid and accurate understanding:

The difference between these two terms is in the type of marketing techniques used. Digital Marketing could be defined as the means of marketing using digital channels, devices and platforms regardless of whether they are online or not. Digital marketing uses all the channels available in the digital media to get information to customers, and it does not limit itself to the Internet. Examples of digital marketing media channels may include marketing via sms text messages, podcasts and mobile applications. For instance an iphone app may work independently after it has been downloaded, thus this kind of media channel is considered as digital marketing.

Whereas internet marketing refers to marketing using channels that require a real time live internet connection. Internet marketing, although using the digital Internet, focuses on every means of getting information to potential customers about products and services a merchant is offering, using only the internet. Internet marketing enhances the term digital, therefore it is a sub-set of digital
marketing. For instance, marketing via social ads on Facebook is considered as internet marketing technique, as you cannot access Facebook offline.

So there you have it, if you’ve heard anything else from any marketer that doesn’t sound similar to the above distinctions, you’ve likely been lied to, misled, or perhaps both. Often times certain buzz words may not be easily understood especially when talking about the different types of channels that could be involved in different campaigns or ads, depending on how they’re being paid for (PPC/CPM/PPCall/PPV) and what metrics are being used to track them (LTV/CTR/OR/CR/Etc.) ..See?

Even just common reference to some terms may seem daunting if you’re not familiar with them, or using the terms regularly. As marketers ourselves, we can say that we completely understand. We hope that as you go throughout discovering different sections on our website you will find more and more insight that may guide you on your journey to driving growth in revenue, brand awareness, or both towards your business. And, of course – if you need help here at Brand Builders, we’d be happy to.