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What defines a successful Creative Advertising Agency.

Chances are if you’re on the search for a creative advertising agency to work with, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do those of us here at Brand Builders, Inc. aid in the execution of advertising, marketing and branding – but more often than not part of our overall brand development strategy that we develop for our clients encompass creative parallels of work. What does that mean? Well, if for instance, the image you’ve been using for the last 10-years to represent your company is not ‘up to times’ with where the market has shifted, we help assess what might be a more appropriate image/logo that will be truly iconic to what your brand represents, here and now.

Much how Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and many other top companies that have changed with the times, it’s important that you maintain design relevancy as the market shifts. Let’s take a brief moment just to observe the changes from a few of the companies I mentioned however to really understand the impact that doing something as simple as “updating your companies image/logo” can have.

  As can be seen above, the brand images that these companies had 1 or 2 decades ago carry very little similarities in over-all appearance. While the name, shape, and design preference may have stayed in the same ballpark it goes without saying that if these companies were using the same logos they were when they first started they wouldn’t be the same companies they are today, and who knows if they would have achieved the same success. While those of us at Brand Builders don’t always deem it necessary for a company to change their log, we do often times feel that there is merit in doing so if we see it as being potentially very advantageous to do so. One mistake that some creative advertising agencies make however though is attempting to change a brands icon solely because they feel it needs to be changed, and no other reason.

To change something just for the sake of changing something is absolutely silly. Not only that, but we strongly believe that doing such a thing is nothing but a waste of resources, capital, and time. It may even bring more harm than good if the company you’re entrusting to aid you in the branding process isn’t in complete understanding of who your customers / target market is. This is again why, those of us here at Brand Builders do our best to custom-tailor our approach for every-single client we work with to make sure that can get the optimal results based on solutions made just for them.

With the above in mind, we hope that this article has been insightful in providing you some guidance on how to go about finding the best creative advertising agency’s in the market. Whether you choose to work with us or not, we wish you nothing but success.