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Why You Want to Work With BrandBuilders
At BrandBuilders we pride ourselves on one thing. Building Brands. Whether it’s branding companies that have been around for decades and want to take their corporate branding in a fresh & new direction, or Startups who are just getting into defining what they want their company branding to encompass. No matter the reason, or the stage of your company branding or re-branding is at - it always starts at the core of the EXPERIENCE you want your customers to have when associating with your brand.

At BrandBuilders we take a customer-centric approach that helps identify what Your Brand means to your customers and prospects and, what it should mean. Often, companies may feel they are in alignment with their target market but fail to see how they are not serving the 20% of customers who represent 80% of their business.

Moreover, at BrandBuilders we do our best to facilitate the conversions of customers into brand advocates and brand advocates into brand evangelists.

Imagine for 8-seconds having the EXACT SAME brand equity as companies like: Apple, Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, or Tesla. Of course - as you might imagine, these companies don’t necessarily need to invest much in the areas of corporate branding because through their company initiatives it's clear they understand the importance of branding and have been executing their brand development strategies long before the term "branding" became what it is today.

When you choose to work with BrandBuilders, you’re choosing to work with people who value creating connections over fans, referrals over revenue and, customer happiness over profitability.

We both know that customer loyalty and happiness is what separates stellar brands (like above) from the mediocre ones.
The only question you need to ask is: which one do you want your company to be?
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How Do I Create a Brand Strategy?

Certainly easier said than done, let's first start with, what exactly is  a "brand strategy" and why do you need one. Typically someone seeking brand strategy consulting is seeking a niche of business development that can be incredibly helpful in driving up company revenues and building a brand name that is well-known and respected. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages from every angle these days – there are emails, apps, online ads, TV ads, billboards, and product placements competing for consumer attention. Because of this, it's important to seek out a branding expert if you're looking to build a brand the right way, over the long-term then you know that the brand building process is an essential foundation to the longevity and success of your company.

Having a solid brand strategy can help a business to come out on top in the race for customer attention. It can help with the idea of building up a stronger brand image, and getting people to recognize your logo and to associate your brand name with the right kind of products. While most people fail to realize that in today’s world consumers attention has to be treated as  resource we work with our clients to help them understand this fact and employ particular initiatives to better engage with their customers and following.

Every business can benefit from having a solid brand strategy – whether you’re looking to increase your awareness with new customers, to build up a brand image targeting a specific market, or to just protect the brand that has already been built over the years. Brand strategy involves finding the right media to work with, and using that media to give your target audience an experience that they can identify with. It involves reaching people in a way that appeals to them, and it involves tracking the brand impression that people have of you, and using that to your advantage.  

Take, for example, Dr Martens. These boots were originally intended to be a serious work boot – and that is certainly a part of the market that they serve – but they are also used as a youth culture product – Goths, Punks and New Age Travelers appreciate the brand. It is youthful, rebellious and quirky. There’s a subculture that has sprung up around that product, and now the brand makes an effort to cater to that subculture, because it’s one that is young, affluent, and willing to spend money on something that caters to it.  Rather than trying to distance itself from that brand image, the company embraced it – they know that it is a sound strategy to work with that demographic, and that they can make products for that and the more ‘serious’ side of the brand without concern because they are different enough that they won’t dilute each other. It’s this sort of thing that the brand strategists at BrandBuilders can help with.

Is Product Branding the Same as Company Branding?

Arguably, the answer is no. That is because typically products have a more niche of an audience and outreach efforts to focus on than a company may. Take for instance, Procter & Gamble (P&G) a $65-billion CPG company that has dozens and dozens of product brands it owns. 

You may be impressed with their digital brand marketing, after realizing how many brands they own - but one thing is for certain, regardless of the product you choose to buy from them - the revenue goes to the same company! Often big brands like P&G have such power over consumer purchases, they will have similar products in the same vertical and do their product branding slightly differently just to create the 'illusion of competition' when again, they're all part of the same company. 

See Examples Below
Think About This for 17-seconds...

How to Know When You Need to Rethink Your Brand Marketing

Here at BrandBuilders we often have two-types of clients who come to us. Those who are proactive, and give consideration to their brand marketing before it is as imperative as it may seem now; and those who are of course the opposite and are reacting (reactive) to what may be some surprising metrics. Regardless of what your KPI's are it's pretty easy to see when you need help with brand marketing because you'll notice not an immediate drop, but a gradual drop over time where you essentially have

  • Less visibility and awareness across some or all social, web or mobile properties

  • Less engagement across one or all of social, web and/or mobile properties

  • Less visitors across all web and/or mobile properties

  • Less conversions resulting from said web/mobile properties 

  • Decrease in revenue as the consequence of the above indicators.

On the plus side, the above examples are not going to one-day show up out of nowhere. The signs of bad brand marketing and/or a poorly developed brand marketing strategy will be evident. Which of course means, you can fix things before it's too late! Continue reading to see how beneficial a solid brand strategy can be for your company.

If I Want BrandBuilders to Build My Brand - How Do I get Started?

While our purpose here at BrandBuilders is to help you understand your business, customers, and growth potential more than you presently do – we hope that you’ll give us as well as yourself the opportunity to work together to craft a brand strategy tailored especially for your company. We all know the difference between good branding and marketing (Apple, Tesla, WholeFoods, etc.) and 'not so good' attempts.

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